A New Start

One on one, Vineda had walked each new bonded through some of the lands of her home.  She'd listened, spoken, answered questions, pondered, and simply enjoyed the company of her companion.  For she had given them a choice.  She could have it no other way, and nor could they, she knew.

Avalanche's rebonding was a bit different than most others.  His old bond had faded early until it was quite changed.  A part of him will always have that old bond-thread woven through him, and his Lady Crow will never be forgotten.
He has his own unique style, fine and filigreed like the markings on his snowy hide.  Unlike the stark designs, however, his personality takes a while to get to know and appreciate.  Slow to anger or motivate, once he gets a move on he's nigh unstoppable! 
This frosty fellow tends to prefer solitude, especially because of his profound love for the cold.  Not many others enjoy such harsh climate, but this tough guy thrives on it.  He dwells high in the peaks of the snowcapped mountains, where the winds leave beautiful designs in the snow and whip through his icicle toned mane.  
 Name Avalanche
 Gender male
 Age adult
 Parents/Affinity Arctic Winds
 Special Stats
 bond-day March 9, 2010
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